• Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Flashlight
  • Size: M
  • Band Name: goal zero
  • Type: 32005
  • Water resistance: IPX6
  • Long use time: 170 hours
  • Power supply: built-in lithium battery 2600mAh
  • Feature 1:: Camping lamp
  • Feature 2:: Outdoor Emergency Light
  • Feature 3:: Mini Outdoor light

Purchase Notes:

This product is a 1:1 copy version, there are differences in appearance, the main differences are: the appearance of lamp beads and USB, the product is mainly the appearance difference, the quality is the same as the original, the price is very cheap, wholesale can be discounted

➤Name: Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Flash Lighthouse Camp Light/Flashlight

➤Weight: 2.4 oz (68g)

➤Size: 93(height)×38(diameter)mm

➤Charging time: It takes about 3.5 hours to charge with the USB connector

➤Connector: USB Prot(input): 5v,up to1A(5W max)

➤Measured longest usage time: 200 hours

➤Water resistance: IPX6 (can be immersed in water for a short time)

➤Power supply: built-in lithium battery 2600mAh

★32005 is the classic style of GOAL ZERO. It can be used with various accessories. The store cooperates with many camping studios. If you need any accessories, you can contact customer service for recommendation.

➤【Product Features】 Three-speed lighting mode, IPX6 waterproof, automatic USB charging port, long battery life of 200H, etc. A series of portable functions allow GOAL ZERO 32005 to meet the needs of outdoor camping in all aspects, and the compact size is more convenient Lightweight camping needs.

➤【Various collocations】 The store cooperates with Swante in depth to create various camping atmosphere products specially for GOAL ZERO 32005, making camping more atmospheric and the whole atmosphere more active

➤【Optional magnetic base】32005 is recommended to choose a magnetic base and a carabiner hook. The product was originally designed for portability. The USB interface at the rear does not support 1/4 screws. After the magnetic base is equipped, the flashlight can be matched. More camping products.

➤【Swante】 Swante’s concept is lightweight camping and creating a sense of atmosphere camping. When purchasing GOAL ZERO products, you can match a variety of products designed exclusively by Swante. All of them have specially designed various interactive modes, so that products can interact with each other. connect

➤【Black walnut】 Because of the characteristics of black walnut, each black walnut product has unique product characteristics. We have innovatively designed the tortoise shell texture in the lamp clothing part, which can make it more comfortable to hold the flashlight, and at the same time Can give the product a more unique woody taste

2600mAh Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Flash Camping Lantern Outdoor Lighting Emergency Mini Led Falshlights USB Rechargeable ゴールゼロ
  • 6pcs sticker
  • goal zero
  • High strength base
  • Lamp coat
  • Magnetic base
  • China
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