• Recommend Age: 12 y
  • Origin: Mainland China

Method of use:

It is used to distinguish items and prevent misappropriation problems. More for the collective life of the baby, the company’s personnel items.


You must give us a name so we can make a seal for you! You can’t do it yourself !!
If you do not give me my name within 2 days, we will enter the recipient’s last name and make it without pattern.
String color random!!!Orange, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, black, white.Specify the need to contact customer service!!!

About return and exchange:

The product has been customized for you(your own name). If you don’t want it. It has no value to others. Thanks for your understanding.This product belongs to the individual custom goods, not the quality question, does not accept the return exchange goods. Thanks for your understanding.

Customized Name Ring Waterproof Baby Shoe Bag Name Sticker Shoe Ring Buckle Kindergarten Name Buckle Pendant
  • Combination 1
  • Combination 2
  • Combination 3
  • Combination 4
  • Forty eight white
  • Forty eight white-1052
  • Forty eight yellow
  • Forty eight yellow-203221806
  • twenty white
  • twenty white-1202
  • twenty yellow
  • twenty yellow-203221807
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